Sheer Stripes

Wearing H&M top, boyfriend jeans, leather belt, and holographic flatforms from UO, and bag from Target

This outfit could possibly be the most "sporty-chic" I can get to follow the trend that's currently on a flare (okay, I guess I could have added a black cap and white sneakers, but I don't have that in my wardrobe.. yet). I decided to deviate from the usual "forest-y" setting and go with something different on a whim—a tennis court. Now, this setting was far from what I'm used to, especially since I don't even play tennis, but it was surprisingly fun, especially when random passer-bys would give me strange looks after realizing that I'm not in the court to play tennis. Anyway, this ensemble consists of my must-haves for the past winter, and even the upcoming spring months, and I can't wait to wear the crap out of these jeans (AND THIS BELT) once again. Greatest investment ever.

Spring Lace

First, I'd like to thank my sister for finding this secret bridge passage into the forest in my neighborhood 0:-)

Second, a rant. Being away from home in an even more rural/suburban environment made me into a victim of a loss of creativity, especially with my classes being heavily focused on the maths and sciences. I lost my camera charger during my move nearly half a year ago, and I never bothered to repurchase since I found myself completely uninterested in documenting anything about myself. Of course, I never lost interest in fashion or beauty, but being surrounded by peers that hardly ever dress up or wear make up to class (not saying there's anything wrong with that) made me become susceptible to pure aesthetic laziness. Anyway, my creative drive is starting back up again since spring has come around, and there's no longer days and weeks of gray bleak weather. I hope to find myself updating as much as possible, and creating more content in the midst of this seemingly uncreative environment.

dress/ F21
boots/ H&M
hat/ H&M
belt/ UO

March 2015 Beauty Favorites

This favorites list technically consists of items that I've enjoyed for the past THREE months, but I'm just going to hop on the band wagon and label it as March's favorites. Enjoy!

I finally decided to use up a Sephora gift card I got during Christmas, and indulged in a NARS blush. I spent an awkward amount of time swatching every single blush they had on display in Sephora, and I won't lie, when I first walked in there, I was certain that I would fall in love with NARS "Orgasm", before anything else. However, to my surprise, I hated it. It was much too sheer and it felt more like a pinkish tone highlighter than anything else. After the first disappointing swatch, "Outlaw" caught my eye, mostly because of all the GOLDEN SHIMMER. It was beautiful when swatched, and now I use it almost daily. Pigmentation with all NARS blushes are scary good. One accidental semi-heavy hand will turn you into a clown though.

Contouring and highlighting seems to be the new "thing" lately, and every beauty guru I follow has been raving about high-end highlighters, highlighters that I can't afford. I went on Ulta's website one day and spotted this gem (for buy one get 50% off), which had spectacularly high reviews. This highlighter is my go to at the moment since it gives my face a healthy glow with a light hand, and it's buildable for that extra highlighted glow without looking like a disco ball. Fav!

Chloe perfume: need I say more? It's a wonderful, floral scent, and I feel like it's perfect for me (for now).

Some DRUGSTORE MAKE UP PRODUCTS are my holy grail and despite their low prices, they're at times more reliable than high end products. I just have to mention that the L'Oreal infallible gel liner is absolutely amazing. I've previously tried high end gel liners such as Stila pots, other drug store liners like the famous one from Maybelline, and ones from foreign brands such as Skin Food and Etude House. After weeks of searching for this gel liner (it was sold out everywhere), I found ONE last pot hanging at CVS one night, and ever since then, my life has changed.

I have an oily semi-double lid, mostly mono lid, problem. Anything I put on my lids will smudge and disappear, especially eyeliners. Even the times when I wore TWO+ layers of eye liner (I used to layer Stila liquid liner over gel liner), my eyes would find a way to ruin my efforts within an hour or so. L'Oreal's infallible liner truly lives up to its name, since even with no priming and no extra coats, my eye liner does not smudge or disappear. IT STAYS. BY ITSELF. And it's the most infallible combo with Elf's angled liner brush. Seriously, that tool is only $3 and works wonders.

Do you have short Asian bottom eye lashes that might as well not even be there because they're invisible? Yes??? Then look no further, because L'Oreal has saved lives once again with this "Manga" mascara. Few notes: it does SUCH A GOOD job at separating my lashes, even though they're microscopic, which most mascaras fail to do (even the high high end ones). Formula is waterproof, so it stays all day. This paired with Lancome's CILS super enhancing mascara base changed my life. My bottom lashes are not only visible, but they look LONG, like yeah, a girl character from manga.

Here's a photo wearing some of the items mentioned:

on lips: NYX soft matte lip creme in Copenhagen

Hope you've enjoyed my short list of favorites, and I'll be sure to accumulate some more for future discussion. 0:-)

blush/ NARS
highlighter/ NYX
rollerball/ Chloe
liner/ L'Oreal
liner brush/ Elf
mascara/ L'Oreal